Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Five | 1.27.17

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Eating healthy (or a special diet) takes more prep time - I like to take a little bit of time on the weekend to make a few meals ahead of time. Try to overlap ingredients in multiple dishes (and keep it simple!) Check out meal prep ideas here

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I've got kitchen design on the brain - love the island

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I spontaneously bought this bed last weekend! I've wanted a four post bed for a long time - we were going to make one, but this was super close to what I wanted and the price was right - it's on sale now!! I'm also loving some of their new pillows - take a look!

I do want to modify it a little - hopefully this weekend!

Love my Lucky booties (I wear them almost every day!) I got mine last year, but these look almost the same
Have a great weekend friends!! 

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