Thursday, March 2, 2017

Spring Bedroom + Nightstand Styling

Normally it would be weird talking about a Spring refresh on March 2nd, but it's been unseasonably warm this February! I'm ready for flowers, my garden, eating on our deck, and warmer temperatures!

For this month's Michaels Makers challenge - I'm sharing our Spring bedroom! It's definitely not finished, but we did swap out our yellow headboard for a four post bed - I'm loving the new look!

I'm loving the more casual vibe!

Today, I thought it would be fun to share my method for styling a nightstand using products from Michaels Preppy Coastal line - I picked up the gold framed boxes and blue striped vase.

Here's my "formula"!

Coverlet (from Target, I can't find the exact one), duvet, bed, lumbar pillow, throw (Home Goods), yellow lamp, rug

Ready for your own Spring refresh? Best sure to check out the other Michaels Makers projects on Michaels Blog, The Glue String


  1. Loving the new look too - the bed is amazing, and I love all the texture you've got going on on the bedding. So pretty!

  2. So so gorgeous! I'm obsessed with the bed and styling

  3. love the look of your bed. is it sturdy? do you recommend it?


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